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Bearing Size

C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)

Bearing Type

Buddha Bearing Dimple


Luftverk, Magicyoyo, Magic


58 mm

Response System


Skill Level

Intermediate, Advanced


64.7 grams


43.5 mm

YoYo Material

6061 Aluminum


1A (Single Handed)

Weight Filter

64-65 grams

There has been many customers that have asked me to produce an aluminum version of the Skyva. I wanted to take it a step further to produce something that would be a better performer in all aspects – both as a yoyo and in fingerspin performance.

The outside shape has been rather unchanged. Nearly the same profile as the plastic Skyva. The body itself has been machined from 6061 aluminum. We used a very very fine media blast technique that feels super slick and premium. You’ll understand when you hold it for the first time – it feels awesome even when its not spinning. The aluminum body makes for a completely different weight distribution with much more stability and spin time.

One of the enemies of fingerspin style tricks is the friction between your finger and the hub. Admittedly, both polycarbonate and aluminum aren’t bad when it comes to friction reduction, but we wanted to take it to the next level. Anyone who has felt delrin before knows how
buttery smooth it feels. Having owned many delrin throws in the past – I knew this super slick material was the way to go for the fingerspin cup area.

The packaging needs no introduction. A new matte dark colorway with corresponding black string creates a unique unboxing experience. Returning is the black elastic band and foam cutout – the little things that set us apart.

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